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Blog: How to De-Shame the Walk of Shame


Oh that good ol’ walk of shame! You know the story – meet a great guy after one too many vodka sodas, go back to his, and wake up the next morning only to trek home in your LBD and last night’s make up. It happens to the best of us ladies, but if you follow a few of these tips that walk might not feel so shameful after all.

Purse Prep

If you’re single and hoping to mingle out at the club, then do tomorrow morning you a favour and pack your purse with a few essentials. Grab the bobby pins/hair elastics, some mascara, a mint, and if you’ve got enough room in that cute bag of yours – the fold-up flats. When you wake up after a wild night in someone else’s bed you’ll be thrilled that you have a few necessities to aid in your morning.

Call a Cab

Forget saving money by taking the subway or the bus, just buck up and call yourself a taxi. Or if you’re really strapped for cash, beg a friend who doesn’t judge to pick you up! The quicker you get home, the faster you can shower (and the less shame you’ll endure at the hands of complete strangers).

Get Clean

There’s not a lot that you can do to help yourself in a walk of shame scenario, but the little things do make a HUGE difference. Walking it out like a hot mess isn’t a good look on anyone, so fix yourself up (read: wash your face) the best you can before leaving Mr. Last Night’s place.

Just WORK it

If all else fails you – you forgot bobby pins, cab money isn’t an option, and scrubbing off yesterday’s foundation is just too much of a hassle – WORK IT OUT. Strap on your sky-high heels, smooth out that dress and walk with your head held high all the way home. Because let’s be honest, you had a killer time last night and that’s nothing to be ashamed of!

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