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Dating Advice Every Married Person Wishes They Had When They Were Single

By January 7, 2015Dating Tips


Making your own decisions in the dating world is all part of the journey in meeting someone special, but even after you’ve found “the one” it can be interesting to reflect on old pieces of dating advice. For those that are happily married and those that are still looking, here are a few tidbits that might just make finding a good partner easier:

You Need Common Interests – Opposite personalities may attract, but it’s definitely important to date someone that likes at least some of the same things that you do. Imagine finding out once you’re married that you and your spouse have nothing in common? You might be able to make it work for a little while, but it would be so much easier to know the deal before you walk down the aisle.

Talk about Life Goals – If there’s any piece of dating advice that’s worth taking before you get married, it’s to talk about your big life goals. Do you want to have children someday? Is traveling often a priority? Where do you want to settle down with your family? Definitely not first date talk, but chatting about these things after you’ve been together for a while is totally healthy and important.

Experiences are the BEST Gifts – The way you really get to know the person you’re dating is through different experiences together! For birthday and holiday presents gift each other with new things that you can do as a couple (ex. concert tickets, weekend vacays, sporting events). Jewelry and sweaters are nice presents, but they’re not great indicators of how you really work as a couple. Go out and do things together – that’s how you make great memories.

Fighting is a Waste of Time – Your dating life isn’t going to be perfect and arguments with a partner are inevitable, but the faster you realize that fights are a complete waste of time, the better off you’ll be. Learn to laugh more with one another and skip the fights about stupid things (it will make life together feel so much better).

It Doesn’t Matter Who Says “I Love You” First – All those silly rules that exist on when to say those three magic words are totally irrelevant! If you love who you’re with then tell them, no matter if you’re the first one to say it or not. Life is too short to listen to bad dating advice from people who have clearly been burned in the past! Do what feels right and don’t ever look back.


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