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The Perks of Dating a Vegetarian

By January 19, 2015Dating Tips

Being a vegetarian requires a lot of commitment and a lot of planning when it comes to going out; but that doesn’t mean that dating a vegetarian doesn’t come with its perks! Here are just a few reasons why dating a vegetarian can be a wonderful thing for you your lifestyle!

1. Higher Levels of Compassion

Since most vegetarians opt for vegetarianism because of their compassion towards animals, they’re more likely to be more compassionate towards you when compared to a meat-eater.

2. Healthier Lifestyle

Vegetarians tend to be more experimental with spices and seasoning when it comes to cooking their dishes and  can whip up a healthy, yet tasty dish using the simplest of spices and seasoning! Your palette will increase by a wide margin!

3. Save Money 

Buying less meat and less non-vegetarian items means more money in your pocket! It’s also well known that restaurants price vegetarian dishes at a lower price, so there’s even more money in your pocket when you’re dating a vegetarian! Sticking to a plant-based diet will help you save more money over the long haul.

4. Better Sex

There’s something about a plant-based diet that gives you an extra boost of hormones, which are great for revving up your sex drive! Certain plant products can influence the so-called sex hormone, phytoestrogens, which heightens sexuality.

5. Happier Lifestyle

Dating a vegetarian can mean that your relationship can produce less stress and higher levels of happiness! A meat-based diet is higher in arachidonic acid, which is known to cause mood-disturbing brain changes. Vegetarians are less likely to be moody and are more calm and happy because of their diets.

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