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Blog: How to Date a Sports Fanatic

By July 4, 2014Dating Tips


Thought he just loved sports, but turns out he’s a complete fanatic? No need to worry, you can totally rock this thing – all it takes is finding out where you fit into his obsession, and working the support angle so he feels like you care about his interests. Come on, if he can deal with the hundreds of throw pillows, you can certainly cut him some slack on those Blue Jays bed sheets.

TV Compromise

Instead of one of you monopolizing the television on date night (or all night if you’re roomies) figure out a compromise! He gets to watch the Spurs play the Heat, as long as you get to catch the latest Real Housewives episode on the DVR. This simple give and take will put you in such a good mood that watching the Finals with him will suddenly feel like a fun way to spend time, instead of a silly point of contention.

Go to a Game

If he keeps asking for you to join him at a sporting event, then go! Going to a game is an awesome way to hang out together – drinks, food, him teaching you who all the different players are – it’s a real win for both of you. Want to go, but never get asked? Ask HIM! He probably hasn’t gotten you to go with him because he thinks you won’t be into it, but what better way to show him you are than getting the tickets and making the plan?

Ladies Night Escape

When you date a sports fanatic you’re usually left to your own devices on fantasy team draft nights, and for some of those really BIG games. But who cares? Call up your ladies and have a night out that doesn’t involve sports talk! He gets space to hang with the dudes and go crazy over running backs, while you get to dance the night away with your besties.

Draw the Line

Sometimes the sports fanaticism can get out of hand (ever seen Fever Pitch?) and when it does you’ve got to take a stand. It’s awesome that he loves his teams, and even better that he has an outlet that’s safe, normal and fun. BUT if everything is dedicated to sports that doesn’t leave a whole bunch of time for the relationship, and that can be a huge problem. Don’t be afraid to say something and to draw that line, especially if he’s planning big life events around a TV game!

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