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What Your Date Says About His Ex & What It Means For You

By April 20, 2015Dating Tips


If your date says this about his ex, “My ex and I ended on good terms.”

Take this as a sign that your date is mature enough that he can address the end of his relationship with his ex ended on a good note. Whatever the reason for the end of their relationship was, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how the breakup was dealt with. You can be that your date will be mature in handling matters in your relationship.

If your date says this about his ex, “My ex was horrible/great in bed!”

Who needs to know how an ex was in bed? Whether they were great or not, this is not always the greatest way to build a foundation of trust with your date. Things between the two of you in the bedroom should be kept a secret, unless the both of you are okay with the other sharing super intimate details. Keep an eye out for this big-mouth!

If your date says this about his ex, “She gave me a lot of drama and I just couldn’t deal with it!”

Everyone comes with their own baggage and keep in mind that you’re only hearing one side of the story. It could be that he simply wasn’t mature enough to handle someone else’s baggage. This isn’t the clearest of signs at first, but if you ask him to elaborate and he does so in detail, it may be that his ex was simply too much for him. However, if he tries to talk his way around it, then that may be a sign that he isn’t ready to take on another relationship.

If your date says this about his ex: “She’s great! We still talk at times.”

This may mean that he still has lingering feelings for his ex! While it’s great that he can talk about his ex in a positive way, if he still mentions that they’re still talking “at times,” how often is that? Unless you’re okay with him talking to her casually, make it a point to discuss this with him and how it makes you feel.

If your date says this about his ex: “I couldn’t handle her family/friends!”

The question is… “Why not?” Did they treat him oddly? Or does he just not gel well with others? It’s important for a date to get along with your friends and family because you’ll end up having to balance the two separately if it’s difficult for them to get along. This tension can add a lot of unnecessary stress on your relationship and can ultimately lead to heartbreak.

In other words…

Talking about an ex is never a great topic to bring up in a relationship, but it does happen in one way or another. Always keep in mind that you’re only hearing one side of the story and what’s even more important is that you shouldn’t let how he talks about his ex determine if you should continue on with your relationship. In the end, use your gut to tell whether this guy will treat you right in the long haul!


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