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Blog: Date Night Dos and Don’ts

By March 25, 2014Dating Tips

blog-datedosanddontsIt’s finally arrived – the big date night! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed because it’s been a while, or you just want to change up your usual strategy, follow these simple tips and you’re sure to have a successful night out.

Do: Plan the Outfit According to Venue
You want to be comfortable and feel pretty on a date, but make sure what you’re wearing makes sense for where you’ll be going! Sporting a cocktail dress to a ball game definitely makes a statement, but not one that wins points.

Don’t: Confuse Sexy with Too Sexy
Showing off a little décolletage is a sure-fire way to get his heart racing, but too much of a good thing can end up making you look desperate instead of desirable. Give it all away in the bedroom, not at the dinner table.

Do: Bring Makeup for Touch-ups
Going out for drinks or dinner? Bring something to freshen up your lip look after it’s been wiped all away. Hitting a dance floor for the evening? A little pressed powder can help keep away the shine that comes after a hot salsa session.

Don’t: Overdo it on Lipstick/Gloss
Gals love a striking red lip and/or lots of gloss, but all a guy really sees is a bunch of goo that’s going to end up on his face later. Wear what you love, but go with something more matte instead of shiny.

Do: Open up about Yourself
Fill your date in on who you are, your hobbies, the things you love about your career, how important your family is, etc. It’s important to be real and let the other person get to know you a bit… how else will you know if date two is even possible?

Don’t: Give Away All Secrets and/or Skeletons
Be open, but don’t tell him EVERYTHING. Your problems with the ex, how crazy your mother can be, deadbeat brother issues – none of them make great date night conversation topics.

Do: Go in for a Kiss (if it went well)
You don’t have to wait for him to make the move if you’re feeling it! Go ahead and take charge of the kiss moment if it’s something that you want to do.

Don’t: Feel like a Kiss is Mandatory
Maybe the date didn’t go so well, or perhaps you like to save a first kiss for date number two, either way do what feels right for you (you don’t owe anyone anything).


Good luck on your date! You’re going to ace it… we just know it! 😉

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