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5 First RL Date Ideas For April

By April 1, 2015Dating Tips

inreallifedateideas With spring looming around the corner, great date ideas just keep popping outta nowhere! The weather is more permitting, the sun sets much much later and we all come out of our hibernation states! Although the weather can be a little unpredictable in April, we’ve listed 5 dates for different weather situations! Try out any of these 5 date ideas if you’re unsure how to take out your QuestChat sweetie for your first real life date!

Rent Bikes and Explore the Town

If it’s sunny and bright outside, take advantage of this and take your sweetie out on a bike ride on the town! This is an especially great date if you two live in different towns. Show them around and since you’ll be taking bikes, you won’t have to worry about looking for parking and gives you some time to think about topics without the awkward energy you’d experience driving in a car.

Lazy Afternoon in a Café

If it’s a slightly cloudy and chilly day, take your date to a local café and sip on hot drinks and munch on cakes all afternoon! The laid back atmosphere relieves the pressure of getting through a first date and the two of you can just enjoy the lazy weather together. Getting comfortable with your date is super important for getting to know each other, so the sooner you get comfortable, the sooner you can learn if you’re right for each other!

Have a TV Show Marathon

If it’s a rainy day and neither of you want to go out, start a TV show marathon on that show you two have been wanting to see for a long time. This date idea is great if the two of you are pretty low-maintenance. Not sure if your date is low-maintenance? Well, you’ll find out soon enough with this date idea! Grab some blankets, some snacks and plop down in front of the TV. With every episode, you’re bound to have something to talk about! If neither of you are sure about which TV show to watch, Netflix always offers great suggestions based on what you’ve watched before and if all else fails, try the Internet for suggestions!

Get Cultured

If the weather’s so-so, meaning it’s not too sunny but it’s not too gloomy, and you still want to stay inside; try going to a museum or art gallery together. Try to participate in a guided tour so that you can both learn something new together and get a lot of walking done during the tour! There’s no better way to learn if you intellectually match with someone than by going through something cultural.

Cook Together

Whether you want to work with what you’ve got at home or head to the grocery for a quick shopping trip, cooking together on the first date is a great way to find out whether the two of you have great chemistry. Some couples are able to laugh off mishaps during the cooking sessions and some are okay with being insanely pinpoint with their recipes. Whatever the situation, cooking together is a great date idea to determine how well you two work together as a team.

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