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How To Clearly State What You Want In A Phone Chat

By July 19, 2015Phone Chat Lines


Not everyone’s looking for the same type of connection in a phone chat. Some of us are looking for love and some of us are looking for friendship!

However, not all of us are able to vocally disclose what we truly want during a phone chat, which often ends up as an awkward encounter. Here are the three most common reasons why you’re on a phone chat and how you can clearly and straightforwardly state what you want in a phone chat without coming off as rude!

Looking for an Intimate Encounter

Phone chats are an efficient way to look for an intimate encounter with no strings attached! However, there may be times when you’re unsure of how to go about this process.

A Green Light

When you truly connect with someone during a phone chat and it shows the potential for an intimate encounter, tell your phone chat partner something along these lines:

“I really enjoyed speaking with you, but I just want to disclose that I’m not looking for anything serious. I just thought I’d get that out of the way before anything else happens! Now, what are you looking for?”

Stating directly that you’re just looking for an intimate encounter before your first conversation ends sets the tone and by asking your partner what they’re looking for also gives them the chance to even out the playing field. Always make sure you follow up with clarification if you’re still unsure of where they stand with you.


If you find that you’re in a phone chat with someone and you’re not feeling a great vibe from them, calmly state:

“Sorry, I appreciate the time you took to speak with me, but I’m just not feeling right about this connection.”

If they keep pressing you to stay, then simply hang up. A phone chat should happen respectfully with both parties staying within appropriate boundaries.


Looking for Friendship 

Making connections with people through a phone chat is easy, but keeping the connection? It’ll take a little more effort to establish true friendships! However, whichever way you decide to go with your connections, giving potential friendships the green light or red light has never been easier!

A Green Light

Finding true friendship on a phone chat is like witnessing a double rainbow — it may not occur a lot, but it’s a thing to behold! Phone chat friendships are easy to establish by directly stating something like this:

“I think we’d make better friends in real life! We should go out for coffee or lunch soon. What do you think?”

The rule of thumb is to always say directly want you want and then follow up with a question.


While there are friendships that last, there are those that you don’t hit it off with right off the bat. Not making a connection is a normal thing to happen, but in order to let them down easy without coming off as rude, say something like this and they’ll respect you for being honest and kind to them:

“Listen, I’m glad we took the time to talk and get to know each other, but I’m not really feeling a connection here. It’s nothing against either of us! I just don’t think we’re right for each other as friends. Are we okay?”

Showing the person that you care will alleviate any awkwardness they may feel. Once they’ve made their peace at losing a connection, you can say goodbye, hang up, and move on!


Looking for a Relationship

Finding the right partner in the real world is tough, but looking for one in a phone chat? It’s an easier path to walk on if you know exactly what to say!

A Green Light

Just like with intimate encounters, it’s easier for the two of you if you state that you’re looking for something serious. Going along the lines of:

“Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’m the type who wants something more, something serious. I’m really feeling a connection here, so I hope we can continue. What are your thoughts?”

Although this is straightforward, it’s better to get this off your chest right away, so you can determine the people who are in it for the long haul or not.


With any kind of connection, there are those who you won’t feel any romantic feelings for. Before it gets to the point where feelings could get seriously hurt, let your partner know that:

“I’ve really enjoyed speaking with you, but I’m not feeling anything particularly romantic. I hope we can still be friends.”

Giving them the upper hand lets you establish what you want out of this connection without having to hurt them too much and they can walk away from your phone chat feeling respected instead of dissed.



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