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When to Compromise & When to Make Sacrifices in Love


There’s a huge difference in the stability of relationships when both partners learn when to sacrifice and when to compromise. It’s never easy in the beginning and takes a bit of practice to get used to, but when you master the art, you and your partner can further explore the depths of your love!

Compromise For Love

Determining Each Other’s Boundaries and Space

It’s important in any relationship that you don’t spend too much time together. Spending time apart and having an aspect of your life that’s separate from your relationship can give you a “mini-break” from the relationship and letting you deal with yourself without any immediate influences. Oftentimes, this might get misconstrued as wanting to fully distance yourself from the relationship, so it’s important to understand that both partners need to be clear and okay with spending time apart. Determine how much alone time you need and make it a point to stick with that time frame!

Splitting Your Finances

This applies for when you’re living together; before moving in together, always discuss the topic of finances and how you’d like to divvy it up. Ask who’ll take care of the electric bills, the grocery bills, and how flexible you are between picking up an extra bill once in a while. Poor financing in a relationship can really put a strain on the love between the two of you and the last thing you’d want to affect your love are your finances. So compromise on a balanced financial plan that the two of you can agree on wholeheartedly.

Communicating Better

Love is good when there’s chemistry. Love is even better when you couple that chemistry with great communication! In some relationships, there’s the one partner (or both) who struggle to communicate effectively and this can hurt your love in the long run! Before it becomes too hard to fix, compromise with your partner that the two of you should work on improving your communication skills. Invest in a couples therapist who can help you work through your communication problems or try it out for yourself first! No love can be stronger unless you can connect on an emotionally deeper level.


Sacrifice For Love

Health Issues

If there’s one thing you can sacrifice for your partner, it’s your health issues. Whether it’s smoking, a drinking problem or a weight problem, it should be up to you to sacrifice your vices for the better of your relationship. How can your love last long if you’re not around to make it grow?

That One Super-Annoying-Really-Bad Habit

You know it, your partner knows it and it annoys the heck out of them! Cut them a little slack and nix that annoying habit. They say it only takes 28 days to kick a habit, so why not show how much you’re dedicated to solidifying your love by fixing your habit? Whether it’s leaving your stinky socks all over the place or not cleaning up after yourself, showing your partner that you can sacrifice something in your comfort zone for the sake of the relationship can really make your partner even more appreciative of you.


Sacrificing the nagging portion of your relationship can do wonders for improving the love between the two of you! Nagging can feel overwhelming and downright annoying. It shows that you’re high maintenance and can imply that you mainly focus on the negative aspects of the relationship.

What To Do When The Power Balance Is Unequal

Relationships should always be equal in the amount of sacrifice and compromise you put on the table. Love isn’t a one-way street and if you find that your partner isn’t exerting the same amount of effort you’re putting into the relationship, bring it up before it becomes more complex. Talking about it might not be so horrible if you approach your partner in a civil and non-confrontational matter. They might not have even realized that they weren’t pulling their weight in terms of the sacrifices and compromises you have to make in the relationship. Putting the topic out there can help your relationship a lot!

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