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Blog: Is Chivalry Really Dead?

By March 4, 2014Dating Tips, Trends

blog-chivalryWe’ve all heard the saying, but how dead is chivalry? Here are a few realistic acts of chivalry that should definitely be manageable for your man:

1. Opening the Door

I’m not saying he needs to run ahead of you every time, although it would be extra nice if he did, but just taking an extra step forward to grab the door every once in a while isn’t going to kill him.

2. Paying for Dinners or Movies

Once again, not trying to break the bank here, but springing for a meal or a movie every once in a while shows he cares and he likes to take care of his lady. Most relationships end up being pretty 50/50 down the road, so surprising you by paying every once in a while is a nice treat

3. Giving up His Jacket

I know we pretend to be brave, going out in our heels and miniskirts with no coat- but really we are just being ridiculous and probably a little tipsy. So when we realize the err of our ways, it is always nice to have a real gentleman on hand to cuddle you in close, or simply surrender the jacket he so intelligently brought along to warm you up.

So there it is ladies- if your man does all three of these then he is living proof that modern chivalry isn’t dead. For those of you who are shocked that a man is capable of showing such kindness- abort relationship immediately! There are guys out there that are willing to go the extra mile, or at least budge an inch. Don’t give up, keep looking for your Prince Charming.

Do you think chivalry is dead? Let us know in a comment below!

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