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5 Must-Have Character Traits to Look for During Your Next Phone Chat… or Any Date, Really

It’s easy to tell if there’s chemistry between you and someone else when you meet in person. Are you physically attracted to them? Are you drawn to them? Do you enjoy being around them? On the phone, however, it can take a little bit longer to know whether or not you’re really into someone. That’s why we’re sharing this article! Keep reading to learn about the 5 must-have character traits to look for during your next phone chat session. You’ll be able to more quickly decide whether or not there’s chemistry between you and the other caller and will spend less time trying to make a spark with someone that’s simply not you’re looking for.

1. He Listens More than He Talks

When you’re talking on the phone, does he give you time to express yourself and share your thoughts without overpowering the conversation? Do you feel like you did more of the talking, but he was still actively engaged in the discussion? A man who knows how to listen more than he talks, or at least carry on a balanced and two-sided conversation, is someone to look for while chatting on QuestChat or any other phone dating service. This trait is an indicator that the man is sensitive, caring and values what you have to say – three things that make for a fabulous partner or even friend.

2. He Remembers Things You Tell Him

When you share something with him, does he remember what you said or does he ask the same question multiple times? If he remembers what you’ve shared with him, chances are that he’s putting effort into getting to know you. If he seems to forget everything you said or asks you the same question multiple times, chances are that he’s juggling conversations with at least a few other ladies and is too tied up in the numbers game to care to keep the stories straight.

3. He Laughs at Your Jokes and Has a Great Sense of Humor

When you crack, does he laugh? Or, does he go silent and make you feel as though he either doesn’t understand your sense of humour or is just plain bored? A man who knows how to react when a joke is told and who can pick up on subtle humour is a guy worth chatting with longer. Hit “skip” on any guy who makes you feel like you’re not funny enough or makes you feel as though you need to pretend to be something aside from who you really are – they’re not worth your time!

4. He Speaks Clearly and at a Normal Volume

There’s nothing worse than chatting with a guy and then, all of a sudden, hearing his voice drop in volume as if he’s hiding from his girlfriend and is trying to wrap up the conversation ASAP. Look for a guy who speaks clearly, concisely and maintains a normal speaking volume. These are guys who want to be heard, aren’t ashamed of the fact they’re looking to meet new people and are worth striking up a longer conversation with.

5. He Asks Questions and Doesn’t Let You Steer the Entire Conversation

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and felt as though you had to do all the talking… even though you didn’t want to? Us too! Hit “skip” on those conversations because they’re not going anywhere. What you should look for is a man who asks questions and shows interest just as much as you do. You should never feel as though you’re forcing conversation or digging answers out of him – that’s no fun for either of you and there are plenty more fish in the phone dating sea.

What character traits do you look for in a partner or potential date?

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