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How to Break Bad Dating Patterns

By March 20, 2015Dating Tips


Make 2015 your most successful dating year yet by ridding yourself of the bad dating patterns you’ve fallen into in the past! From being too picky to assuming everyone you meet is just like your ex, we’ll give you the low-down on the most common bad dating habits and how to finally break them!

Being TOO Picky

The minute you limit yourself to “a type” you kill your whole dating game. Not everyone is going to fit into the perfect little box you’ve assembled and in the end they shouldn’t have to! Slow down on the picking someone apart before you’ve even gotten a chance to know them. In the end you’ll not only be a better person for it, but you’ll also meet and date a lot of interesting people too. 

Ditching Your Friends

So, you throw everyone to the curb when you’re dating someone new huh? STOP DOING THAT! Nobody likes the friend who picks and chooses when they’re around based on whether they’re single or hooked up. Your friends are the people who support you no matter what (especially during those hideous break ups), so be present in their lives no matter what’s going on in your dating life. You’re lucky to have them!

Assuming All Guys = Your Ex

Blaming your ex’s mistakes on your current partner is a complete waste of time. Maybe you were cheated on or maybe you’ve got some control issues you need to deal with, but either way, the sins of the past shouldn’t be making their way into your future. Figure out your ex issues before you start a new relationship and talk things through before making any serious assumptions.

Wasting Time

Leading someone on that you don’t really see a future with or letting someone lead YOU on isn’t worth it. The point of dating is to actually date, so why spend precious time on someone that’s clearly not the right person for you? If he’s not giving you the attention you deserve – forget him, and if you don’t actually like him that much – leave him alone once and for all.

Being “Cool”

Pretending you’re okay with every single thing he/she does is a recipe for disaster (not to mention it’s exhausting). Being easy going and cool with things that don’t matter much is fine, but if there’s something you’re new dating partner does that’s irritating, just address it all in the beginning. Successful relationships are built by people who know how to be themselves!

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