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Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Move in with You

By April 16, 2015Relationship Advice


More often than not it’s us ladies who push for a relationship move-in, and while the men who adore us love the idea of shacking up eventually, it can take a little more time for them to get used to the concept. Want to figure out why your boyfriend doesn’t want to move in with you? It might signal trouble in paradise, but it’s more likely that he just needs reassurance and time from the one he loves the most — YOU.

He’ll Lose His Space

He likes his massive stereo system, and the bachelor pad furniture, and the thought of your girly bathroom soaps or those too-clean tea towels is totally overwhelming. What about his stuff? Will the place even feel like his? Nobody wants to walk into a home that doesn’t feel like their own and a huge fear for a lot of men is that a space shared with their lady won’t

No More Guys Night

Those random nights of having the dudes over for video games and booze are donezo  — at least that’s what most guys assume when they think about moving in with their lady. And yes, to a certain extent those days are over, but it doesn’t mean they’ll never get to have friends swing by (or get to go out with buddies without you around). Reassure your boyfriend that this home is for the BOTH of you, and he doesn’t have to ditch his pals just because he’s nesting with you.

He Doesn’t Want to Get Married

When you say, “move in” thoughts of the future immediately hit his mind! Are you going to want to get married soon? He’s not ready. Maybe he’ll never be ready. This relationship doesn’t feel like the ONE. Bottom line: the guy is freaking out about your relationship expectations, and moving in may signal that he wants all the same things you do. Have a serious talk with him about why you think moving in is a good idea, but respect the choice if he doesn’t feel ready for this kind of commitment. You’ll be thankful in the end no matter how it plays out!


Okay, it’s time to be brutally honest with yourself! Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t want to move in with you because he’s got some commitment issues. If he’s ever expressed in the past that commitment just isn’t for him, or you’ve had troubles in the relationship with his wandering eye then consider yourself warned. This is not a man who is prepared to shack up, and you might need to re-analyze whether he’ll ever be ready!





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