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How To Have The Best Phone Chat Date

By April 12, 2015Dating Tips


Just because you’re on the phone doesn’t mean you have to chat all the time! Mimic a real life date with these 5 ideas and you’ll be increasing your phone chat dating game in an instant!

Watch Netflix

Watching Netflix while on a phone chat is a great trial run to do before going out with them on a real life date. If you find yourself having a conversation that flows smoothly in a laid back setting, then there’s a definite potential that you’ll experience the same intimacy with this potential partner in a face-to-face setting.

Play Online Video Games

There’s no better way to find if you’re suited for a person than getting a little competitive with them. Good partners work together as a team, but great partners don’t mind getting a little competitive with each other. Healthy competition is a great factor in any relationship because it helps each partner push the other to become better than they already are. Sure, video games may not exactly be the most obvious way to strengthen a relationship, but the repercussions of being able to get through a video game without hating each other is very telling of how you two will react together to life’s many obstacles.

Go for a Walk Near the Lake or at the Park

Set up a date and time to go out for a walk at the same time while on a phone chat as well. By actually going out, it’ll seem like they’re walking right beside you as you chat. Setting up this kind of date will show the other person you’re really serious about them because you’re putting in the effort to mimic real life dates!

Have Dinner Together

While on a phone chat with your partner, prepare dinner together and eat dinner together! Try and cook the same thing so you can both experience “going out for dinner” without having to rush anything! Additionally, this is a great way to figure out what the two of you have in common, much like how it would go on a date out to dinner!

Go for a Drink!

Go to the nearest pub or café and have a drink while on a phone chat! The point of these semi-dates is to prep the two of you for a real life date setting! In the situation that tempts the both of you to actually go for a real life date, you’ll already have established that you can truly connect on the phone while in the outside world. T’s a lot trickier than it sounds, but it certainly is helpful in deciphering if you’re right for someone!

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