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The Best Dating Advice From The Big Screen

By January 5, 2015Dating Tips


Pride & Prejudice

If there’s anything to learn from this book to movie adaptation is that, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…or by first impressions. A classic piece of dating advice, this can be applied to any social situation, but in a romantic situation, solidifying your impression of someone from the first moment you meet them can prove to be a crucial mistake. The seemingly perfect individual can have the flaws you despise the most and the arrogant and snobby love interest can be the one you’re meant for, flaws and all.

Pretty In Pink

Starring Molly Ringwald, whose lower socio-economic status is a recurring hindrance throughout the movie, Pretty In Pink is a reminder that just because you and your love interest grew up from different backgrounds and hang out with a different crowd, doesn’t mean that you two can’t have a relationship! Love conquers all in the end.

The Notebook

Pride is never a welcome sight in any relationship. If only Allie had thought to write Noah a letter herself instead of waiting around for Noah to write her a letter, they might not have wasted those precious years that they could have spent loving each other. Communication is key, but only if both parties are willing to engage in proper communication without traces of pride.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

If your best friend is getting married and that’s when you realize you love them, don’t try and stop the wedding, unless you’re absolutely and 1000% positive that your best friend is in love with you and hoping you’ll stop the wedding. Other than that, leave it alone. Move on and be a friend: be happy for them instead of trying to break up a marriage. You don’t want to be the reason a marriage falls apart!


Diane Lane’s character in this adultery movie has a wonderful and steady marriage to her husband, but instead endangers that for a lustful and passionate affair. No matter how tempting they may be, always weigh out the consequences if you’re considering leaving your current partner for a quick romp in the sack. Even then, consider communicating with your current romantic partner or seek out a counsellor to help you sort through you

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