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5 Things To Enjoy About Being Single Before It’s Too Late

By July 7, 2015Dating Tips

Being single has never looked so good! Before you even think about settling down, book some time and effort to enjoy the best 5 things about being single before it’s too late!

Getting To Know Yourself

Being single forces you to focus on yourself and when you focus on yourself, there’s more time for self-reflection and learning about the things you need to make you happy and what makes you, you! Take advantage of this before you settle down in a relationship and you’ll find that your relationships are deeper and more intimate because of what you have to offer!

Basing decisions solely on what you want

You know those dates when neither of you can decide what to order for take out? Mostly the indecision was due to the both of you being too nice to really say what you wanted for take out. Being single, you don’t have to worry at all about these kinds of decisions! Order whatever take out you want! Go to a movie that you want to see!

Living On Your Own

What’s great about being single is when you live on your own. You have the chance to build a home, no matter how small your space is. Living in your own space will become reflective of who you’ve become as a person and that’ll shine right through when you invite people over! Plus, never having to fight over bathroom time or who gets to choose which Netflix show to binge on? Classic bonuses!

Travelling Solo

One thing that may seem daunting about being single is having the ability to travel solo. There’s no better way to learn more about the world and its different cultures than by travelling. Oftentimes, when we’re in a relationship, we may feel the obligation to come back when we travel, but when you’re single, you can leave for as long as you want because you don’t have to come home to anyone right away!

Developing Your Career

The most important thing you can take advantage of while being single is developing your career! Without anyone to be an influential factor in your career decisions, you’re free to pursue the career you want and you can be as fierce or as ambitious when it comes to tackling that career! Trust us, you’ll thank us for being single when you’re thriving in your passion!


Even when you end up committing the rest of your life to someone else, it’s always important to have a part of you that’s separate from your significant other. It’s the only way you’ll be able to retain the things you enjoyed while you were still single!


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