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5 Ways Being Single Makes You Healthier

By July 23, 2015Self-Improvement

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Some say love is the ultimate goal, but those people don’t understand that a great deal of your health is sacrificed when you’re busy trying to keep a relationship alive. We’re not saying swear off relationships for good; we just want you to appreciate the health benefits that come with being single while you still can! Below are 5 ways being single actually makes you healthier.

Reason #1: You’re More Likely To Stay Fit

According to Health Magazine, you’re more likely to exercise regularly and less likely to gain weight just by being single! A 2004 study from the University of Maryland concluded that those who are unmarried without children are more likely to devote their free time to exercising and staying fit. Without all your time being put towards children and a partner, being single allows you to invest in yourself more without guilt.

Reason #2: You Become Self-Sufficient emphasizes that by being single, it helps you really develop a certain value when it comes to spending time all by yourself. In return, you’ll learn how to appreciate yourself when you can afford to pay the bills, cook for yourself, and clean your place! Being single equals having a higher chance of being self-sufficient. While relationships are a great way to divvy up bills, chores, and responsibilities, you don’t become responsible by depending on someone else to finish your errands!

Reason #3: Your Friendships Are More Fulfilling 

When you have a little extra time to dedicate to yourself, being single can also foster deeper friendships and they’re way more likely to last as long. Since we’re all still human beings, we crave for companionship even if we’re not looking for a serious relationship. Thought Catalog says that one of the reasons why being single is important is that your friends will thank you for being single. It means your schedule will be clear to go on shopping dates, spontaneous road trips or grabbing a quick coffee in between lunch breaks!

Reason #4: You’re More Inclined To Try More Things

A blogger from shares her experiences of being single and what it has done for her as a result: she got to try out as many things as she could and purposefully stayed single just so she can get it all out of her system. By trying many things as she possibly can, whether it’s travel to different locations, engage in as much casual relationships as she could, being single gave her the chance to find out what she really wanted without having to hurt a partner. Giving yourself the opportunity to explore will leave any “What if” and “I should’ve done that” phrases out of your vocabulary if you decide to settle down.

Reason #5: You Can Take Your Time To Heal

Thought Catalog points out another wonderful reason for being single: when you’re single, you can take as long as you want to heal your wounds without fear of a partner being dragged into your messes. Sort through your emotional problems and whatever other issues you have while you’re still single. Bringing a lot of unresolved baggage into a relationship can be detrimental, but lightening your baggage is all a part of growing up. You’ll eventually get there!


Being single can help you evolve as a person; relationships don’t mean much unless you can bring something to the table. Although it may take some time to find yourself by being single, you know one thing’s for sure: you’re going to come out in the end a much more certain person!

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