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Blog: 6 Signs Your Relationship is Over

By March 16, 2014Relationship Advice

How to know if your relationship is overWhile not every argument or problem means a relationship’s over, it’s generally safe to say that these are 6 signs your relationship is over… and that there’s just no bouncing back. Read on to learn what the biggest deal breakers are, and how to cope with the fact that it’s time to move on.

6. One of You is Much Older and You Always Fight Because Of It

Is one of you significantly older than the other (read: more than 8 years)? A large age gap can be tough on any relationship, but when it’s the reason for ongoing arguments it generally means it’s over. Why? Because age isn’t something you can change, and if you’ve fought about it consistently up until now – chances are that’s going to change in the near future. Large age gaps can be tricky to deal with, especially when you’re also not from the same walks of life – if you’re a diehard country girl and he’s an older city slicker, it’s more than just age causing differences… it’s fundamental upbringing, beliefs and life experiences.

5. You’ve Lost Yourself

Do you consider yourself half of a whole, and not in a romantic way? Yeah, you might have lost yourself in your quest to find the perfect partnership. It’s tough to bounce back from losing yourself in someone else, especially when it’s for a long period of time. More often than not, losing sight of who you are and your unique wants and needs means that there’s trouble in paradise. An equal partnership allows for both people to grow, flourish and be themselves… but together! Whenever you have to sacrifice significant parts of your life and who you are as a person, it’s just not going to end well.

4. Your Sex Life Has Lost Its Luster

A couple’s sex life is a major part of the partnership, and one or both partners losing a drive for sex can be majorly destructive to the relationship. When one, or both, of you no longer wish to have sex or have intimate time – you’ve lost a big part of your chemistry. While couples therapy and other means may help you get your mojo back, there’s not always a fix. Sometimes, a long lost sex life means that the relationship’s lifespan is nearing its end.

3. Infidelity

Did you cheat on your partner? Did they cheat on you? Are you both cheating? Whichever way you slice it, infidelity is a major sign that your relationship’s hitting rocky waters. While there are many reasons for someone to cheat, it’s one of the most difficult betrayals to cope with and very few couples are able to successfully work through it – especially if the cheating happened on multiple occasions or there was great emotional attachment as well as the physical.

2. You’re Bored

If you no longer feel excited to see your partner and more highly value your time spent alone, then there are issues at work. It’s totally possible to simply fall out of love, especially if you don’t work to keep in it. If you’ve grown bored with your partner and there doesn’t seem to be any way to fix it, it’s time to cut the cord. You should feel excited to see them, want to spend time with them and shouldn’t sit all day thinking of all the things they do that drive you crazy. Think of it this way… would you want to be with someone who thought of you that way?

1. You Make Each Other Feel Bad All the Time

Once again, you should be happy with your partner, and should want to make them to feel happy too. If every conversation ends in you feeling horrible about yourself, or in them feeling like you hate them, then your relationship is most likely over. Relationships are about growing together, loving one another and working your way through problems as a team – not tearing each other down.

What’s another sign that your relationship is over? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below!

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