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Blog: 6 Signs a Long-Term Relationship is Right for You


There’s a lot to consider when thinking about making the jump into a long-term relationship. If you’ve only ever done flings or under 6-month stints with a partner, then it’s definitely time to do some self-reflection on this major relationship move. Look for a few of these signs before you commit:

1. You Crave Cuddles

Sometimes you just want to stay home on a Saturday night, watch the Entourage box set and cuddle. And it’s easiest to get away with this behaviour (not to mention way more fun) with a partner. If you’re looking for some serious cuddles more than just once a week, then chances are a long-term relationship is just what the doctor ordered.

2. Want the Support System

It feels awesome to come home or to call up your partner and TALK! Bad, good, crappy day at work, or the best day ever – no matter what is on your mind or how you’re feeling in that moment, it’s nice to have someone that supports you. And no, your cat doesn’t count.

3. Starting to Settle Down

When your enthusiasm for club nights and bachelor pad living dies down, it’s usually a signal that you’re ready to commit to something bigger. If you really want to be in a long-term relationship then you’ve got to prepare yourself for a different way of living life – it’s not just about you anymore!

4. You’re GREAT with Compromise

Ready to compromise on basically everything? Long term relationships are awesome, but they’re also a great lesson in sharing, sacrificing and figuring out how to find common ground on everything from what toilet paper to buy to where to get take-out for tonight’s dinner.

5. Saving Money Sounds Sweet

If you’re already in a committed relationship and thinking about moving in with your sweetie, consider this: all your major life expenses split in half! Pay half the rent, half the cable and internet bill and even half the life entertainment expenses – it’s a pretty sweet deal, and who said it can’t be a factor in the decision you make?

6. You’re Both in Love

Look, if you’ve both expressed some serious feelings for one another then you don’t need a list to tell you that you’re ready for a long term relationship. Love is the greatest indicator of them all, so jump in with both feet and let this thing play out the way it’s meant to!



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