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Blog: The 6 Biggest Date Night Pet Peeves


We’ve all got pet peeves that drive us up the wall and when it comes to date night, nobody is safe! You may have thought you were a perfect date partner, but if you’re guilty of the following then baby, it’s time you change up your game!

1) Phone Play

Just because you have a cell phone doesn’t mean you should spend half of your date night on it! Instagram the food later, text your bestie when you get home, and whatever you do, don’t set your device down next to you on the dinner table. People who can’t be away from their cell during a date give off the impression that they’d rather be doing ANYTHING other than the activity at hand. It’s rude.

2) Chewing with your Mouth Open

Basic table manners here ya’ll – don’t chew with your mouth open, it’s super gross and a sure-fire way to turn whoever you’re out with completely off. Side note: Don’t chew and talk at the same time either, it’s just as unappealing.

3) Being Cheap

Going out with someone can get a little pricey (especially for dudes), but don’t be a cheapskate about it! If you’re not going to go Dutch on the date and you want to be modest in your spending, then go somewhere that’s affordable. Date night poison is taking someone to a fancy restaurant and then complaining about how expensive everything on the menu is – makes the night majorly uncomfortable.

4) Ordering for Her

Some girls might like a guy who takes charge when it comes to ordering at dinner, but most put it on their list of pet peeves. Your lady knows how to speak so let her tell the waiter what she wants (and allow her to order first), that’s good manners.

5) No Eye Contact

Don’t you hate when you talk to someone who can’t look you in the eye? You should always focus in on the person who is talking when you’re in a conversation – lack of eye contact can leave the other person feeling insecure. It also looks like you’re easily distracted and not really listening.

6) Talking LOUD

Loud talkers are the WORST! Keep your voice to a normal volume, especially if you’re out at a restaurant. Nobody around you wants to be in on your conversation, and your date might not want anyone being privy to the topics you’re discussing either.

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