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5 Ways to Take Finding Love Into Your Own Hands

By August 16, 2015Dating Tips

love2There’s no point in waiting around for the universe to hand you a great love (we don’t recommend looking for friends to do it for you either). If you want to be the master of your dating destiny then it’s time to check out 5 simple ways to take finding love into your very own hands.

5. Join A Dating Site

There are tons of fun ways to take finding love into your own hands, but one of the easiest is joining a dating site like Quest! Through one simple account you can browse through hundreds of local singles, start conversations through whatever medium you’re comfortable, and connect with people that have similar interests.

4. Try Meetup Groups For Singles

If you really want to be the master of your own love life destiny then why not check out groups for singles? Offering a no to low-pressure environment, Meetups are a great way to get out and do something fun alongside other people in the dating scene!

3. Ask Someone Out

Don’t just wait around for the love of your life to ask you out – get up and take matters into your own hands! There’s no rule that says a woman can’t ask out a man, so the next time you’re feeling someone, be brave and suggest a date night.

2. Stop Sitting At Home!

You’ll never find love sitting on the couch (and no Netflix doesn’t count). To truly take control of your love life you must become a “do-er”! Hit the bar, check out interesting events in your city, join singles groups, try a singles-only vacation – just get up and out into the scene.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

Your friends are only trying to help when they set you up on dates, but you don’t always have to follow through if you’re not interested. Taking control of your love life includes learning to say no to those moments that feel like a waste of time, so if you’re over the blind date thing (or you’ve realized that your pals are just awful at setting you up) then be honest and clear.

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