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5 Ways To Stop Overthinking Everything

By August 14, 2015Self-Improvement


It’s not like overthinking things is a bad thing, but it can definitely become a problem if you find yourself up in your head most of the time. Learn to let go of the stuff you can’t control and use these five ideas to stop overthinking EVERYTHING once and for all!

5. Distract Yourself!

It’s hard to overthink things when you’re sweating your butt off on the treadmill or focusing solely on breath work during a yoga session. Experts agree – if you really want to stop overthinking then the best thing to do is to find a distraction. Whether it’s time at the gym, a long car ride or time spent with family, just get yourself up and out of your head.

4. Think Of The Big Picture

Forget mulling over every little detail of every moment you encounter and start thinking about the bigger picture. But how do you do that? When you feel yourself entering some heavy overthinking make an effort to ask yourself a few questions like, “Will this matter in 6 months?” or “Does this matter in 1 year from now?”

3. Focus On The Project/Goal

When you put that overthinking to work – great things can happen! Instead of sitting around and allowing yourself to be consumed by thoughts of hopelessness, attempt to turn that wasted energy into an action plan that gets you closer to finishing a project or accomplishing a goal.

2. Keep It Positive

Bob Miglani, author of Embrace the Chaos, recommends infusing your life with as much positivity as possible, through sources like podcasts, inspirational videos, articles and books. Miglani claims that by proactively soaking up only positive messages, the “overthinking will transform slowly into optimism”.

1. Avoid Your Overthinking Triggers

If there are certain people or situations that have proven to be triggers for your overthinking then it’s best to avoid them. There’s nothing wrong with taking yourself out of scenarios that make you feel uncomfortable in order to keep a peaceful mind!

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