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5 Ways To Go From Hookup To Potential Girlfriend

By July 27, 2015Dating Tips

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While there’s nothing wrong with being a booty call, it’s only fun if you still want to be the booty call girl. When you feel like it’s time for you to level up with your partner, here are 5 things you can do so that he sees you as girlfriend potential.

5. Say “No”

When they call up for that nightly booty call, calmly decline and say you’re unavailable. This’ll show them that you’re not just waiting around for them to call and that you actually have a life outside of them. Saying “no” gives you the power to steer this relationship to a level that’s beyond just having sex.

4. Go On Dates During The Day

One of the reasons why they may not see you as girlfriend potential yet is because you haven’t gone on dates during daytime! Daytime dates are a lot less risqué and kinky, so on top of getting to know your beside manners, your partner will also start to see a different side of you and possibly develop your girlfriend potential. This different side may very well just be the determining factor of whether the two of you are meant to be more than just booty call buddies.

3. Have “The Talk” With Them 

If you’re still feeling unsure of your relationship status, sit them down and have a talk with them. Discuss what you’d like to happen beyond the booty calls and if they’re interested in continuing your relationship with you as their girlfriend, they’ll definitely be up for discussing this matter until you’re both satisfied! If you get the impression that they only want to be booty call buddies, it’s best to cut off all contact before you invest too much of your emotions into something that’ll never develop.

2. Involve Them In Different Aspects Of Your Life

If they do reciprocate that they would like to develop your relationship further, start including them in different aspects of your life! They’ll start seeing you as girlfriend material if you bring them to your workplace or your favourite coffee shop. Having them experience your daily routine will open your relationship up to deeper possibilities!

1. Introduce Them To Friends/Family

Nothing says girlfriend like introducing your partner to your friends and/or family members. Don’t introduce your partner to them all at once though! This can get daunting and you’ll run the risk of scaring them away! The point of introducing them to the important people in your life is to show them how serious you are about being more than just friends with benefits. Once they see how serious you are, they’ll start thinking about whether you’re girlfriend potential or if they just want to stick to being friends with benefits.


Before you get emotionally invested in your booty call partner, always remember that you set your limits. If you find that you’re not having fun with your booty call partner and that there are more tears than laughter and fun times, you might want to cut ties permanently. No person is worth your heart broken for, especially if they can’t respect your boundaries.


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