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5 Ways to Avoid Giving a Guy Your Number

By December 7, 2014Dating Tips

phonenumbertrade Ever found yourself being asked for your phone number by someone you’re not interested in? Avoid this awkward/annoying situation with our handy how-to guide:

It’s Against Your Stranger Policy

If you really aren’t interested in giving out your number to someone you’ve only just met, simply explain that you don’t reveal your digits to strangers. You can laugh about this excuse together so that you don’t end up sounding like an after-school special, but this actually work wonders.

Ask for HIS Instead

Throw him off his game for a moment when you take charge and ask for his phone number instead! This move not only makes you look like a powerful chick, but it also helps alleviate any awkwardness that usually comes with avoiding his question. Plus, you don’t end up giving out anything that you don’t want to.

Give a Fake Number

C’mon, we’ve all done this at one time or another! Sometimes the easiest way to avoid giving someone your number is by not avoiding the question at all. Instead, go ahead and give out your number – just remember to change a few of the digits you little trickster.

Change the Subject

Did he just ask for your phone number? Totally avoid the question by changing the subject to how much you love the song that’s playing, or how you need to grab a fresh drink. It’s not a clear “no” but it gets the message across loud and clear!  

Say You Have a Boyfriend

Claiming to have another man in your life will make him back off immediately. It’s the easiest and honestly the best solution to avoid giving a guy your number.

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