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5 Ways To Attract More Men This Holiday Season

By December 19, 2014Dating Tips


1.  Build confidence

Confidence is sexy all year round, but confidence during the holiday season is sexier and a great way to attract more men. Women who sulk around over the fact that they’re single for another holiday season are unlikely to attract more men. These type of people just sort of blend into the background. When men see that a woman is independent and confident in being with herself, that makes her seem more attractive.

2. Get into the holiday spirit!

Get your ugliest Christmas sweater out, decorate your tree, bake holiday cookies, or do a little charity work! Share these fun holiday activities on social media and you’re bound to attract more men! Really getting into the holiday spirit shows that you’re lively and not afraid to show it! Men love women who are lively and who know how to have fun.

3. Be happy

Be happy. Happiness is the way to attract more men this holiday season. Being happy generally makes you more attractive to everyone.

4. Start your New Year’s makeover early

Get a new makeover! New clothes, new hair, and freshen up the way you apply your makeup. Freshening up your style makes you pop out and is an easy way to attract more men! Men are visual, so they’re bound to notice if there’s a drastic change in the way you look.

5. Hit up the holiday parties!

You won’t attract more men if you just stay inside this whole holiday! Attend holiday-themed parties or hit up the clubs in your best holiday get up! You’ll be showing off your new makeover and newfound confidence to the best guys!

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