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5 Times You Shared TMI on a Phone Chat

Your Emotional Baggage 

Phone chats are great for meeting new people, however, if the first thing you talk about during a phone chat is your emotional baggage, people will get the impression that you’re too much drama. While your emotional baggage is something that people will eventually have to live with, it’s best not to unload all your feelings in the first few phone calls. Wait a while before you start to invest your emotional baggage unto others because you might just end up hurting yourself by sharing too much, too soon.

Past Relationships, Hook ups, Failures

It’s never a great idea to bring up past relationship and hook-up failures. Phone chats are meant to be a way to jump into the future with fresh faces and potential partners. Don’t bring the past into your phone chats because these tend to bring up a warning sign to others. If you’re badmouthing your ex or some person you had a one-night stand with to others, what’s to stop them from thinking you’ll badmouth them too?

Your Personal Information

This is a big one! While it’s great to meet new people, don’t give away personal information such as your house address, your personal phone number, a picture, or anything that can be traced back to you unless you’ve already met this person and are absolutely sure you want to continue your relationship with them! It’s a safety protocol for phone chats that personal information shouldn’t be shared immediately. There have been many victims that fall to this trap and we wouldn’t want to see you go down the same path!

Sexual Preferences

This is especially important if you’ve never met your phone chat buddy yet! You wouldn’t want to give them the wrong impression that all you’re after is sex. While it’s important to establish a physical chemistry between you and your phone chat partner, it’s best to keep sexual preferences on the back burner for now. Due to the nature of your relationship, your partner may not be ready to take the next step yet and may want to just keep solidifying your emotional connection first.

Sexual Jokes

Although similar to sexual preferences, you’ll just come off as a creep if you keep making sex joke after sex joke! Unless the both of you are extremely comfortable with making sexual jokes, refrain from making a “That’s what she said” comment to something they said that was purely innocent. You want to make friends, not scare them away!


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