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5 Things Women Mistakenly THINK Men Find Sexy

By February 20, 2015Dating Tips

Between magazines, advice from girlfriends and the other little tricks we’ve all picked up along the way, the real truth behind what men find sexy can get pretty confusing! Get the low-down on 5 things women mistakenly think men dig (and what it is they really like):

1. Makeup – Hiding your face behind a mask of make-up shouldn’t be for your man because the truth is he doesn’t care for it! Spending hours on perfect foundation, bronzing, eye shadow and lipstick application is an exercise for yourself (and other women) because you know what men really find sexy? Healthy looking skin, minimal makeup and bright eyes. Seriously.

2. Super Fit Body – Sure, a man probably isn’t going to say no to a fit looking chick, but if you’re on the softer side of the spectrum THAT IS OKAY. Guys think all kinds of bodies are sexy, not just the thin ones and in fact most dudes love a bit of extra on their lady. Big bums, boobs and thick thighs – they all rank high on lists of body parts that men claim to love!

3. Duck Face Selfies – Selfies are fine, but the over-exaggerated pout now known as the duck face has got to go! Men don’t find this crazy look sexy and honestly why would they? The duck lip pose keeps you from showing off what’s truly beautiful – your REAL face.

4. Magazine-inspired Intimacy – Oh women’s magazines – they’re constantly giving tips on how to turn your man on in the bedroom, but most of the moves and ideas usually sound insane (and kind of dangerous, no?). Believe it or not, men think it’s super sexy when you just do you! Your confidence and up for anything attitude is what really gets him going during those intimate sessions.

5. Baby Talk – You’re not an infant, and neither is your man, so what is the deal with the baby voice? Somewhere out there is a woman who invented this silly way of speaking to her guy and it caught on like wild fire! We should find her and let her know: men find WOMEN sexy, not babies. Ditch the high pitch and talk to him like a person – totally promise that your normal voice is a bigger turn on!

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