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5 Things You Should Never Settle Without


Before you get all nestled in with your significant other take a hard look at your relationship together. Are you both getting the very best of each other, or have things taken a turn for the boring (or worse disrespectful)? Never settle for less than you deserve in your partnership, not only does it signal future problems, but also the lack of love you’ve got for yourself! It’s time to know your worth and own it always.


Never underestimate the power of a romantic gesture from someone you love! It doesn’t have to come in the form of expensive gifts or crazy Bachelor-level trips around the world, romance can equate to something as simple as flowers for no reason or a thoughtful card on a hard day. If you’re not getting a bit of that sweetness now then it’s time to look elsewhere because you damn well deserve it. Truth.


It seems pretty obvious, but there are tons of couples out there that aren’t getting the respect they so rightly deserve in their relationships. Maybe the disrespect comes out in front of other people, or maybe it shows itself only in the private moments when no one else is looking – either way you should never settle for a partnership that doesn’t have a healthy level of respect in it. Those without it never end well.


A healthy relationship is one where both people get to learn and grow (not only as a couple but as individuals too) and that rarely happens without challenges thrown into the mix. Being with somebody who doesn’t offer opinions, never challenges the way you think, and isn’t all that interested in moving you forward as a person isn’t just boring, that’s a recipe for disaster in the future. If you’re not growing, you’re not living!


Does your man feel more like your buddy at this point? Never settle for someone who doesn’t get you fired up, because it’s that passion that keeps a relationship on course! If you’ve lost it then look for ways to get the passion back, and if it hasn’t been there since the beginning, it’s time to move on. Know the difference between being “in love” and just loving someone, there is one and it is everything.


We’re not saying make sure you’re with someone who is a laugh riot 24/7, but you should never settle for a partner who doesn’t know how to make you giggle. Laughter is the best medicine – it quite literally makes you happy – and it signals that there is FUN going on in your relationship from time to time. Fun and happiness are two major elements of a great partnership, so don’t settle in without first establishing that they exist!







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