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5 Things You Need Before Going On An Outdoor Date

By July 29, 2015Dating Tips

Couple enjoying themselves outside their home

Dating outdoors can feel like a breeze, but only if you’re prepared for the little things that might come up! Make sure you have these on hand when dating outdoors and you’ll be such a professional, your date will keep coming back for more!Mini First Aid Kit

You never know what cuts and scrapes might come up, so stock up with a mini first aid kit! The essentials are band aids, gauze, alcohol disinfectant, and splints. These handy kits are available at any drugstore and come in different options. Depending on your mode of transportation (car, bike, etc.), choose the size accordingly. Your date will be impressed at how prepared you are for any accidents!


If there’s anything worse than getting cuts and scrapes, it’s when you can’t see anything in the dark! Say you go on a hike and the sun sets on you before you reach your starting point. Having a flashlight on hand is handy when it comes to dating outdoors.

Bug Repellent Spray

Dating outdoors is no fun when you’ve got nasty, itchy bug bites all over you! Always remember to have a can of bug repellent spray on hand to keep those pests away!


Along with bug repellent spray, sunscreen should always be in your backpack when dating outdoors. You wouldn’t want to go on a fun outdoor date only to have the both of you riddled with sunburns the next day! Protect the skin you’re in and slather on that sunscreen before you head out! Your partner…and your skin will thank you for it!

Snacks & Water

A pro tip to dating outdoors: freeze your water bottles before heading out especially if you’re anticipating a hot day! Your backpack may feel heavier, but it’ll be worth it when you’re both reaching for that ice cold water! Additionally, bring filling snacks such as a fiber-filled granola bar or some nuts. They’re great to give you some extra fuel to keep you going!

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