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5 Things You Should Know About A Person Before The First Date

By July 1, 2015Dating Tips


Going on a first date soon? Read about the 5 things you should know about a person before the first date! While these may seem like first date topics, phone chats are a great way to find out whether the person is right for you before taking the next step!

Family Background

During a phone chat, finding out something as small as how they treat their mothers or how close they are with their siblings, can speak great volumes before you even go out on your first date. Learning more about a person’s family background can give you a sense of how they were raised and whether the two of you would get along should the concept of making a family together comes up.

Physical Expectations

It’s always great to line out the boundaries for physical expectations before the first date happens. Asking about the limits during a phone chat can diminish the awkwardness if you were to ask about limitations in person. Defining boundaries is an important aspect before going on the first date so that the two of you know what’s off-limits. Additionally, it’ll also determine if your partner is respectful enough to honour the limits you impose.

Defining Relationships

Defining what a relationship is can be tricky on many levels. Many couples who date face this problem of how they define themselves. Are they exclusive? Are they a couple who can date other people, but can’t be intimate with them? Are they even close to that? During your phone chat, establish how your partner would define a relationship and how they go about making it “official.” This saves the headache and wondering about whether the two of you are in a relationship or just casually dating.

Life Passions

You two don’t necessarily have to share the same life passion, but learning more about what their passion(s) are can definitely tell you about their personality and whether your two lifestyles would match.

Social Life Level

Everyone has a preference for how they like to spend their downtime; some are perfectly happy just to lounge in PJs and binge watch Netflix and others reap satisfaction from a good night out at the club! Whatever the case may be, be sure to ask your partner about how they like to spend their free time and how they like to unwind. Establish if the two of you would be perfectly fine if the other had a lifestyle different from yours and how you would deal with it. Knowing this before the first date can also give you a good idea of how you’re going to plan the date in the first place! It can’t hurt to be prepared!


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