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5 Things Everyone Should Experience Before Entering a Serious Relationship

By April 18, 2015Dating Tips


1. Living Alone

It’s so important to figure out who you are (and what you’re truly capable of) before you get into a serious relationship, and there’s no better way to do that than living on your own. You’ll learn how to rely on yourself for EVERYTHING, how to love being alone, and best yet, how to fix house things when they break. No for real, you should totally know how to do that!

2. A Grand Travel Adventure

People always talk about the importance of travelling when you’re young and they couldn’t be more right! Exploring new places opens you up in amazing ways. You learn about new cultures, eat interesting foods, and meet different people – plus, your perspective on life really changes. Travel solo or with your best friend, but either way you’ve got to go on an adventure before you settle down with someone.  

3. The Single Life

Dating a bunch of people before you get into a serious relationship helps you discover exactly what you’re looking for in a mate, so embracing the single life is a can’t miss experience. Kiss a couple of frogs on the way to meeting Prince Charming? Finding out what you don’t like is just as important as finding what you do!

4. GREAT Sex

Your sexuality is a massive part of who you are (especially when it comes to your connection with a partner). Before you get into a long-term relationship with somebody you should have experienced at least one incredible sexual encounter. When you have great sex you get a chance at figuring out what turns you on, which is super important for all future intimate encounters.

5. Accomplish a Major Goal

Graduate from a school program, climb a mountain, go after the job you’ve always wanted  — no matter what it is, get out there and accomplish a huge goal before settling down. Prove to yourself that you’re capable of getting exactly what you want on your own, and you’ll be a much stronger person for it!  

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