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5 Things You Don’t Have to Tell Your Date & What to Say If They Ask

By July 5, 2015Uncategorized

Honesty is always the best policy, but when it comes to telling WHOLE truths on a first date, well that rule can be broken. So go ahead and keep your secrets to yourself; but use these conversation tactics if you happen to get asked something you shouldn’t be upfront about on a first date!

1. You Just Got Dumped

Whether it was last night or last month, the timing of your breakup (and the fact that you were “the dumped”) doesn’t have to be shared with a new date. It’s your tragic business that can be kept private as long as you’d like! If you do happen to get asked about your relationship history, remember that it’s totally okay to sidestep the conversation topic with a light joke.

2. Kids are Your Nightmare

Since when do first date conversations require total honesty? If having kids someday is a thought that completely frightens you, that’s fine! Keep your real feelings on children to yourself for now and do the ol’ nod and smile if it comes up at all over dinner. *Note: Telling the truth is essential on future dates.

3. You’ve Got Tons of Debt

Almost everyone carries some sort of debt these days, so if you still owe a bunch on that student loan and credit card balance just know that you’re not alone. Getting into financial stability chats with a new date isn’t necessary (especially if you’re not comfortable talking about it) so if it comes up just know that you have every right to change the subject.

4. Your Parents are Cray Cray

Got a family that is completely loco? Don’t feel obligated to share about the drama with your parents while out on a date. You can tell a little white lie if it’s easier in the moment or just keep the focus on your partner’s family stories. Leave the other stuff for later when you know your date a bit better!

5. You Still Hang Out with Your Ex

If you’ve got a complicated relationship with your ex then it might be best to save all explanations about it for future date chats. A new dating partner is likely to get scared off by the idea of ex-boyfriend or girlfriends hanging around, so definitely keep that bit of information on the down low. If asked about whether you have ties to your exes you should mention that you do, but it’s not necessary to get into those details right off the bat.


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