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5 Things You Can Tell About Your Date By the Way They Treat Your Waiter

By April 9, 2015Dating Tips


They say that you can tell a lot about the person you’re dating by the way they interact with a waiter at a restaurant. Are they polite, arrogant, impatient? Go ahead and take note of how your date speaks to your server the next time you’re out for dinner together — no matter who they reveal themselves to be, you’re sure to end up with a ton of interesting info!

1. Patience Level

We’ve all had slow restaurant service, or a waiter that has messed up our food order beyond belief, but it’s really not the end of the world! You can tell just how patient your date is by how easily irritated they get by some of these common server mistakes. Someone who knows how to keep their cool even when annoyed is a great catch!

2. Are they Arrogant?

Look for the guy trying to be a big shot at the dinner table by barking orders at the server — and then run in the other direction. A date that shows off his arrogant behaviour towards someone responsible for his food preparation isn’t just an idiot, but a total jerk with an ego issue. It’s okay to be particular about your order, but if being difficult and/or talking down to a waiter is what makes him feel powerful that’s a bad sign.

3. Respectful

Want to find out just how much your date respects the service of others? It’s all in the tip etiquette. If they leave one for a job well done by your waiter then you’re good to go, but if that server is left high and dry after taking care of you all night you might want to re-think who you’re out with!

4. Politeness

A date that speaks to the waiter respectfully, makes eye contact when listening to the boring specials and remembers to say “thank you” and “please” when appropriate is a winner. Being at a restaurant with someone who isn’t polite is just embarrassing – we all learned these basics as children so there’s no really excuse for poor manners.

5. Are they Warm?

It’s not hard to order with a smile or engage in some light conversation with a nice waiter, so if you’ve got a date who doesn’t know how to do either look out! A warm person has no problem offering a kind smile to a stranger (especially if that stranger is your restaurant guide for the night).


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