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5 Things You Can Tell About Your Date When They Talk About Their Loved Ones

By March 24, 2015Dating Tips


How Well They Manage Their Relationships

As we get older, it’s a given that we get busier with all new responsibilities and obstacles to tackle. So it’s natural for all of us to lose touch with friends and family once in a while. Listen closely to how your date manages his relationships with his friends and family. Do they keep up with them with weekly phone calls? Facebook messages? A quick but thoughtful text? Letters? Or do they just avoid them completely? All of these could be telling in how they’ll manage your relationship with you if you go for the long haul!

Whether They Share the Same Values As You Do

Who you hang out with can be reflective of who you are as a person, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone! So when you’re out on your date and they tell a story about a friend or a family member, listen for not only the story, but how they tell the story. For example, if your date is telling a story about how a friend of his has been cheating on their partner, and he says with a tone that’s disgusted or disappointed, this can mean that they’re into monogamy!

How Loyal They Are to Their Loved Ones

One major thing you can tell from your date when they talk about their loved ones, is how loyal they are. Loyalty goes a long way in many long-lasting relationships and if you find that they have many stories about past friends or estranged family members, which could be a warning sign that they have too much emotional baggage and drama to sustain a long-term relationship!

How They Solve Problems, Whether It’s Big or Small!

Many of our problems have been faced with friends or family. Whether they were big or small, some of the most memorable problems we’ve faced have been with them. When a date recalls a past obstacle they tried to solve, take note of what kind of role they played in solving the problem. Were they the thinker? The plan executioner? The spectator? Or were they playing the role of the person who complained about everything and just gave up? Whatever role they played in solving a problem will tell you how much of a team player they are and how they would approach solving the problems in your relationship!

How well they treat others

Nothing’s more of a turn off when you see your date mistreat the ones they claim to be so dear to them. Even though they might say that they have a good relationship with others, it’s always good to see how he describes a daily routine or how a normal conversation would go with their loved ones. A tip: Always see how they treat their parents. They raised you so it’s only right that you treat them with respect!


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