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5 Talking Points You Can Segue Into a First Date Invite

By June 17, 2015Dating Tips


The last thing you want to do during a great conversation is awkwardly ask for a date! Avoid coming off as too abrupt by turning to these tried and true talking points – they’ll help you smoothly segue into a first date invite (and provide great ideas for date plans).

1. What Do You Do For Fun?

You can talk hobbies and bond over common interests after asking this question, but more importantly you can lead it right into an easy date idea! Whether it’s cooking or dancing (or something totally off the wall) chances are there’s a class for it. Suggest attending one together for the an interactive and super fun first date.

2. Favorite Movie Genre

Who doesn’t love movies? Next time you’re on a call throw out what kind of movies you enjoy watching and then ask your partner for their own favorite film list. Not only does this talking point open up the door for bonding over great movies, but it’s also offers a super easy segue into a first date invitation.

3. Name the Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On

It can actually be really fun sharing bad date experiences on a chat (not only does it help set expectations, but it’s comforting to know you’re not the only one with horror stories)! Next time you engage in a “worst date ever” conversation end it off with a positive spin by asking for a first date. Just be sure to promise a good time this go ‘round.

4. Have You Checked Out XYZ Restaurant?

The dinner date is easily the most classic of all first date ideas, so the next time you get to talking about cool restaurants in town follow up with an invite. Keep it interesting by choosing a place that neither of you have dined at before – it’s just more fun if the first experience is together!

5. Weekend Plans

There’s nothing easier than asking someone about their upcoming weekend plans, so even if you’re anxious about how to segue into a date invite this talking point will totally come through! If they respond with an “I’m free” then you know they’re ready for you to pop that question.


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