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The 5 Sure Signs The Person You’re Dating Is “The One”

By July 13, 2015Dating Tips


Are they “The One”? You may not be sure yet, but after reading this article, hopefully, it’ll tell you a lot more about where you stand with your relationship!

Sign #1: You Can Live With Each Other’s Values And Oddities

Not every couple will have the exact same values, so if you and your significant other have different values and you can live with them without belittling the other; that’s when you know you have “The One” in your life. Also, each individual comes with their own quirks and annoying habits. If you’re able to accept their quirks and they’re able to accept yours, then that’s a definite sign that you’ve found “The One!”

Sign #2: You Can Live With and Without Each Other

Most people define a relationship as two halves coming together to form one. These days, it seems that relationships are not just about that anymore, but rather two whole individuals coming together and meshing their lives together. Through dating exclusively, a couple hopes and prays that their two lives will live in harmony and love. Being able to live together in that kind of atmosphere is the best kind of accomplishment.

However, what truly makes a relationship special is if you break apart from each other temporarily and venture off into world as you are. Living an aspect of your life without your partner is vital to keeping your individuality, an important part of any relationship. After all, it’s your individuality that both got you interested in  dating each other in the first place! “The One” will never force you to change for them and will certainly not force you to spend every waking hour of your life dedicated to them.

Sign #3: You Can Lean On Each Other For Anything

Whether it’s for financial help or emotional baggage, you can lean on “The One” for anything, no questions asked. In an open and honest relationship with “The One,” you will always find both a lover and a friend who can help you through the tougher times in your life.

After all, since you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with “The One,” you better make sure that you can lean on them for support!

Sign #4: Your Sex Life Is Still Intimate

As time goes by in your relationship, there’ll be days when your sex life won’t be as carnal as it was before! Don’t worry though, it’s normal, but if you find that your sex life is still intimately satisfying and has meaning, then the person you’re dating is definitely still “The One.”

Sex is something that needs to have effort from both sides and if the two of you are making it work in the bedroom (or wherever else you prefer!), then that’s a sure sign that the person you’re dating is meant for you.

Sign #5: You Both Want To Put Effort Into Making The Relationship Work

The last and most surefire sign that the person you’re dating is “The One,” is whether you both want to make the relationship work. Every couple has their pitfalls and there will be periods of days or even months when you’ll feel like the relationship is over and irreparable. What separates “just another relationship” from “The One” is that you both tell each other that you want to make this relationship work. If you can both acknowledge that there’s a problem in the relationship and you both want to work it out, then you can rest a little easier knowing “The One” isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

In The End…

In the end, what should be the healthiest aspect of any relationship is the communication portion. Communication is key to unlocking the true potential behind your relationship during the dating period. You won’t be able to realize any of these signs if there’s a lack of communication with your partner. If you’re having trouble communicating with your partner, speak up and let them know. That’s the only way to get what you want out of any situation!


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