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5 Signs You’re Dating the RIGHT Person…Finally

By June 23, 2015Dating Tips


It may have taken a while to get to this point, but doesn’t it feel good to know you’ve snagged the right partner? In case you’re in need of a little reinforcement, we’ve got 5 signs that prove you’re with Mr. or Mrs. Right! Finally.

1. It Feels Easy

When you’re dating the right person the relationship just works! Take a look at what goes on with you and your partner to determine how easy it is to date one another — how often do you argue? How simple is it to make plans? When things are right you don’t have to force being on the same page, you just are.

2. You’re Best Friends

You define who the perfect person is for you, but most would say that their ultimate partner also holds the title of “best friend.” A bestie is someone you can confide in, share laughter and tears, spend a ton of time with, and most importantly, trust. If you’re dating someone that checks off all those best friend boxes then congrats are definitely in order… you’ve snagged a good one!

3. They Bring Out the Best in You

It should come as no surprise that a partner that’s right for you is going to be one that helps you put forward the best version of yourself. They’ll also help you check any negativity or low self-esteem at the door rather than encourage it because (duh!) they care about your well being.

4. You Feel Loved

No more guessing games or deciphering how your SO feels about you, and no more waiting to hear words that never come through – you’ll know that you’re dating the right person when you FEEL loved. Look out for the moment when your feelings are reciprocated (and not just through words) because it acts as one of the biggest signals that you’re with somebody special.

5. You Share Values

Opposites might attract, but often couples that are really right for one another share the same beliefs and core values. Valuing the same things in life makes relationship success that much easier to achieve!

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