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5 Signs Your Relationship is Over & Why It’s a Good Thing


If you’ve gotten to the point in your relationship where you can honestly say that things aren’t working any more then guess what? It’s probably over. But there’s always hope for learning and for new love even after something as tragic as a breakup. Look for these 5 signs to determine whether you should stick it out or not and why it might be a good thing to let it all end.

1. You Fight Constantly

You know things are bad when you and your partner can’t stop arguing. Fights in a relationship that happen every now and again are normal, but if fighting has become your constant then it’s safe to say things are over. A healthy relationship is one that makes you feel happy and let’s be real – fighting rarely leads to people feeling positive.

2. You Don’t Make Time for Each Other

If you can’t even remember the last time you had a proper date night with your boyfriend/girlfriend it’s definitely time to reassess the relationship. Don’t you want somebody that chooses you over their friends? Of course you do! Ending a partnership that’s lost one of the fundamentals for success only opens the door for finding an SO that makes time with you a priority.

3. The Support System is GONE

One of the best parts of having a relationship with someone is the amazing support system that you get out of it! Someone’s always there to lift you up when you’re down, help you figure out problems and root you on towards success. When the support disappears your relationship should too because you deserve a partner that’s always in your corner. Period.

4. You Desire Other People

A sure sign that things are definitely over in your relationship is when you start desiring other people. Before one of you makes a decision to cheat it’s best to break things off. Spare your partner the betrayal and yourself the guilt by being strong enough to end it before doing something that will only end up as a regret.

5. You’re Bored

Why be in a relationship that’s no longer interesting to you? If you’re feeling bored now then chances are that feeling will only continue to fester and life is just TOO short. Get out while you can so that you can actually give yourself a chance to figure out what excites you!


Look, breakups are never easy no matter what the cause, but if you want to salvage any kind of relationship with your partner (and get what you really deserve in the love department) then they’re worth it.


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