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5 Signs Your Phone Chat Guy is Worth Your Time

By April 24, 2015Dating Tips


Finding a great catch through phone dating isn’t always easy, especially when you’re new to the chat scene! But before you hang up on someone who might be worthwhile, check out our tips on how to spot your perfect match.

1. He Makes You Laugh

If you’ve got a phone chat guy who knows how to get you giggling over the line then you can pretty much guarantee he’ll know how to do the same in person. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor, so when you find that commonality with a phone chat date you should absolutely embrace it! Good conversation might end up leading to a great in-person meeting (and what good chat doesn’t include some laughs)?

2. He Remembers Things You’ve Said

It’s not enough to chat with someone who just hears you when you’re talking to them. Anybody can do that. When you talk to this phone chat guy he LISTENS to what you’re sharing, so much so that he’s able to bring up things you’ve said in past conversations! When he remembers stuff that you’ve said in previous talks it should act as a proof that he’s invested and interested.

3. He Wants to KNOW You

The guy that’s worth your time is the one that asks questions about you and your life. Instead of talking your ear off about his day, his family, his likes and dislikes, this is a dude that understands conversation as a two way street! Asking people questions is the only way to get to know them, so somebody that wants to hear about your day, family, and your thoughts is definitely worth more of your time.

4. You Get Butterflies Before a Chat

Find yourself getting excited before you even pick up the phone? You’ll know when a phone chat guy is worth your time when you find yourself getting butterflies before and during a call with him! A little bit of nerves is always a good sign, especially when they come at the beginning of a new relationship.

5. You’ve Got Real Things in Common

Opposites don’t always attract (in fact it’s much more common to fall in love with people who are just like you). In your phone chat dates, be sure to look out for the men that share similar interests and hobbies. If you’ve got real things in common with one another there’s a much better chance of success in dating!


QuestChat can be a little intimidating for those that aren’t used to the phone-dating scene, but when you treat each chat like a real life date, it feels a lot easier. Look out for the signs to help spot a potential match, and above all, have fun!


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