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5 Relationship Issues That Aren’t Worth Breaking Up Over

By August 8, 2015Relationship Advice

Hands of loversThey call relationships “work” for a reason. Sometimes it’s crystal clear when a partnership is over, but there are those cases where a little bit of effort is all it takes to resolve the problem. We’ve got five common relationship issues that aren’t worth breaking up over—check to see if yours made the list before calling it quits:

5. You Don’t Like Each Other’s Friends

It can be tough combining friend circles, so it’s not shocking that many people find themselves dealing with relationship issues over the struggle. You don’t have to like each other’s friends, but you do have to try and find ways to hang out with them if you want to keep your SO happy. A loving relationship involves compromise, and sometimes that means sucking it up and being civil to their annoying bestie.

4. Busy Jobs

Work is important, but it isn’t everything! If your job has taken over your life and resulted in serious relationship issues with your partner, it’s time to re-evaluate. No couple should call it quits over busy jobs – either carve out time to spend together or take a break from being a workaholic every so often in order to make things work.

3. Long Distance

Long distance makes the heart grow fonder…sometimes. But it’s not uncommon for couples that live far away from one another to encounter a few relationship issues along the way. Should you break up over those problems? Sure, it can be hard dealing with a partner that isn’t around, but the solution is to focus on those times when you CAN be together.

2. A Sad Sex Life

So things have taken a bit of a nosedive in the bedroom lately? Do a little research on your situation, figure out the cause of the problem and then try a few suggestions to get things back on track. A lame love life doesn’t have to be the ender to an otherwise healthy relationship (it just takes a little more effort).

1. Boredom

If you’re bored at home with your lover there’s only one thing to do: TRY NEW THINGS! Get out of the boring routine that you’ve both fallen into and explore. Something as simple as starting a regular date night could end up being the solution to boredom, so before you break it off just aim to spice things up.


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