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5 Phone Chat Turn-Offs for Men

By June 11, 2015Dating Tips


QuestChat is one of the best places to have a real conversation with some one you may hit it off with and there is an art to being a good conversationalist. Just like anything in life, it’s best not to go into a chat completely unprepared. Here are five phone chat turn-offs to avoid when speaking to a guy on Quest.

5. Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

These may be better left for in-person encounters. “Are your legs tired?” will sound even worse without a joking look on a person’s face. Think these don’t work in person? Well divide those chances by 1,000 and prepare for a sigh of disappointment from the other end.

4. Complaining About Your Job

One can learn a lot about another by what their job is but starting off by saying “my job is really boring” is going to raise a lot of questions, “If it’s so terrible than why do you do it?” for example. If you think your job is boring then imagine how boring it will be for some one else to hear about it.

3. Asking about Income

Asking a man how much money he makes is going to sound off more alarms than a city being evacuated during the apocalypse. His mind will immediately jump to “she only cares about money” no matter what your intentions are. This is a huge phone-chat turn off for men.

2. The Drinker Who Brags

Talking about being drunk all the time when 21-years-old is normal, anytime after that isn’t cool. No one wants to imagine you as a fall-down drunk who thinks it’s awesome they are constantly wasted. This will instantly turn-off a man as he pictures a future of holding your hair and not having a good time while taking care of you at the bar.

1. Personal Problems

Like opinions, everyone has them. Cat has earworms? Can’t pay your car insurance? Put these into a little box of topics you wouldn’t tell a person you meet in an elevator. If not, chances are you’ll hear a phone disconnect faster than it takes elevator doors to close.


Phone chats are a little like a job interview; put your best foot forward and talk about positive things in your life and topics you both have in common. Turn-ons occur when you both relate to something on a deeper level, phone chat turn-offs happen when you spend too much time dumping emotional jargon on your unsuspecting victim. Be positive and have fun on QuestChat!

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