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5 Phone Chat Talking Points For July

By July 9, 2015Phone Chat Lines

As July comes in full swing, summer brings about many phone chat points! Here are the top 5 phone chat talking points to help you get started.

The Best Summer Activities

Heat up your phone chat conversations by talking about the best summer activities that the two of you can plan and execute together! Ideas include hiking, renting a cottage and hosting a contest of who can make the better ribs. With the endless possibility of summer activities, there’s so many that you two can bond over!

Favourite Patio Restaurants

Everyone has a favourite restaurant they like to go to when they’re a little too lazy to cook at home. Talk about your favourite patio restaurants during a phone chat and what your favourite things are about them.

Classic Summer Drinks

What better way to get in the mood than talking about the classic summer drinks? Mojitos and sangrias don’t quite have the same effect during winter season, so be sure to bring up your favourite classic summer drink recipes during your phone chat conversation. If the two of you can bond over summer drink recipes, it might lead to getting an actual drink together!

Summer Events

Notify your phone chat partner of upcoming summer events, such as festivals or food truck days, and that’ll open the door to reaching the next level of an actual one-on-one date! The two of you might find that you have common interests when talking about summer events!


Another great way to bond over a phone chat conversation is talking about the latest summer music hits. You’ll both get a feel if you’re on the same wavelength when it comes to your tastes. Are you both digging Omi’s, “Cheerleader” song? Or perhaps you’re both leaning towards Demi Lovato’s, “Cool For The Summer”? No matter your taste, you can talk for hours about the type of music you both enjoy!


The important aspect of any phone chat conversation to remember is to engage your phone chat partner and ask them open-ended questions when it comes to these talking points! Get them to open up by asking questions that begin with “Why?” and “How?” instead of the questions that result in “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe” answers.


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