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Blog: 5 of the Worst Ways to Break Up with Someone

By February 28, 2014Relationship Advice

The Worst Ways to Break Up with SomeoneBreaking up is hard to do, but that doesn’t mean you get to take an easy way out! In this post, we’ve rounded up the 5 worst ways to break up with someone we’ve ever heard. If you have a heart (you DO have a heart, right?!) then you’ll never use any of these break up methods.

1. By Text

Oh, the dreaded break up text! If you’ve had an in-person relationship, which is very likely, then you owe your partner the respect of an in-person break up. Never, ever ditch a relationship by sending a text message or email. Even doing it by phone (depending how long you’ve been in the relationship for) should be avoided. If you’re adult enough to be in a relationship, then you’ve gotta do the adult thing and put an end to it face-to-face.

2. At the End of a Date

If you know you’re not feeling someone and you plan to dump ’em, don’t take them on a date to do it! Allowing your partner to think that everything’s fine, and maybe even enjoy a nice meal, is not a nice thing to do. When meeting to do the break up, do it straight away. Don’t wait for the second course to arrive!

3. The Disappearing Act

Contrary to what some believe, simply disappearing and going off-the-grid does not a break up make. In fact, this can be seriously upsetting and even traumatizing. What if your partner doesn’t realize you’ve gone off-the-grid because you’re no longer interested and actually thinks there’s something wrong? Not good. Be strong, respect the relationship and end the relationship prior to going on the lamb.

4. In Front of Other People

A public break up is a bad break up – no matter how good your intentions are. Save your partner (well, ex partner) the embarrassment of getting dumped in public and do it in a private space. Head over to their place, or have them to yours, and have the discussion away from other people. A lot of times break ups end in tears – and the Orange Julius employees shouldn’t have front row seats to the sob fest.

5. By Sending a Friend (Or Family Member)

It is never acceptable to dump someone by having a friend do it for you. Plus, take a moment to imagine how your poor friend who’s been tasked with doing the dumping must feel? How awkward! Save your friend the uncomfortable-ness and your partner the embarrassment by manning (or woman-ing) up and doing it yourself. Keep it short and sweet, but do make sure you do it.


What’s the worst way to be dumped in YOUR opinion? Share your thoughts below!

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