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5 Important Date Prep Tips for Your Next Big Date

By April 14, 2015Dating Tips


Everyone’s got their own date prep process — from getting your nails did to buying a new outfit for the night out  — but if you really want the date to be a success, think about adding a few of our steps into your routine. Remember to manage expectations, dress for the occasion, and most importantly, have fun!

1. Clean Yourself Up

Whether you’re a guy or a gal, it’s always a smart idea to groom yourself before a big date night with someone new! Wash your hair, trim the beard, shave your legs (who knows where this is going to go), whiten the teeth – polish everything up and be sure to look presentable because there’s nothing more important than a first impression.

2. Have a Personal Pep Talk

If you’re dealing with a little bit of nerves before meeting your new date, just breathe! An essential part of any date prep, remind yourself that dates are meant to be fun… and you’re a TOTAL catch who should be treated as such. A really good personal pep talk can do wonders before a big night out (no matter how confident you usually are).

3. Remember to LAUGH

Laughter cures all, seriously, it’s like a proven fact! Awkward silence? Call it out and laugh about it. Did one of you tell a brutal joke? Giggle about how bad it was together. Whatever situation the date is faced with — remind yourself to keep things light-hearted and have some laughs.

4. Base Your Outfit on the Venue

Dudes might not need to include this step in date prep (their outfits are always SO easy), but for the ladies, styling the perfect ensemble is mega important. Coordinate pieces that make sense for the day or night’s venue, not just things that you think make you look sexy. Going for a date in the park? The stilettos should stay at home! Think about where you’ll be going and plan accordingly.

5. Manage Your Expectations

Before you start planning your life together you’ve got to go out on the date first! It’s great to get excited about meeting someone new, but you definitely need to level out your expectations as you prep for the big night. Go in with a positive attitude, but allow yourself the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of it all (it’s just more fun that way).


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