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5 Guaranteed Ways to Keep a Man Interested


Men; it’s hard to keep their attention. When a shot of Tom Brady deflating a football on TV behind you can take their eye away at the drop of a hat, what hope is there? Luckily, we came up with five sure-fire ways to keep a man’s attention on you with a little, or some extra effort.

5. Learn His Favorites

Whether a date or a hang out, learning what his favorite beer is for example instantly turns you into a cool chick in his eyes. Remember what he ordered to drink on your first date and wait for the impressed look on his face when you order it first next time.

Extra Mile: The next time he’s having a guy’s night, stop by and drop off his favorite beer or pizza and just leave. You’ll have his mini entourage saying stuff like “you hit the jackpot” and he’ll likely appreciate it so much that it may start a little exchange of surprise gifts.

4. Surprise Massages

Consider surprising your man with a massage at a random, unexpected time. Massages you don’t have to ask for are always the best massages, right? Besides, massages should never go unreturned.

Extra Mile: Catch him playing video games and then start while he kills zombies or Communists or whatever it is they shoot at.

3. Remember His Shows

Is he at work while the baseball game is on? Busy during The Walking Dead? Find out his favorite shows that aren’t available to stream right away and record them for him. Not only will he be impressed but this automatically makes for ‘cuddle on the couch’ time, with wine of course.

Extra Mile: If he’s frequently missing his show or favorite sports team, one-up that pesky PVR and buy him the DVD or better yet, tickets to the sports game!

2. Don’t Feed Him to the Sharks

Bringing the person you’re dating to a family affair for the first time is always daunting for whoever the victim is. Do your best not to leave him alone to be questioned about his intentions by Grandma Ruth and Great Uncle Stu. Keep him by your side unless he insists.

Extra Mile: Make sure his favorite side dish or snack food is at your relative’s house (see it all comes together!).

1. Butter Him Up

Guys are more insecure than you think; they love compliments but pretend they don’t care.  If he plays a lot of sports or works out tell him how good he looks when he’s done/after he plays. If he tells a lot of jokes make sure to tell him he’s funny, if you don’t think he’s funny he’s probably not for you anyways.

Extra Mile: Whatever he tries the hardest in, be supportive and find way sweet ways to encourage him or show him he’s doing well.


It all seems so easy now! Men are relatively simple, a few beers, pizza and a good show is all they need most of the time. Keep in mind; this shouldn’t be a one-way street. Going the extra mile should make him want to do the same. He should be appreciate and return the favor, this is what makes relationships exciting and spontaneous.


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