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The 5 Most Effective Ways To Achieve A Toned Tummy

By February 8, 2015Self-Improvement

1) The Hundred

A Pilates-inspired move by Fitness Magazine, this is a great ab exercise to execute anywhere because it doesn’t require any machinery and it’ll give you a smooth toned tummy when done correctly! Now because it is derived from Pilates, this ab workout requires a little more concentration and focused energy on connecting the movements and your breathing. However, with a little practice, all that concentration and focus will distract you from that ab workout pain so many of us are scared of!

2) Planking Frog Tucks

According to Women’s Health Magazine, planks combined with a mountain climbing movement are a great combination that leads to a toned tummy! Planking focuses solely on developing core muscles all around, but the frog tucking part is a great addition to this ab exercise because it combines multiple muscles that work with the core. This is a great exercise especially if you’re into yoga and trying to work your way to the crow position or that pinnacle headstand position.

3) Hanging Knee Raise

Muscle and Strength advocates for this toned tummy making exercise! Directed to target your lower abs, this form of exercise requires that you have a handlebar to grab hold on to and since you’re using your lower abs to lift the weight of your legs, you won’t need extra dumbbells to help develop those tight abs! Lower abdomen muscles are often forgotten in the ab world, so make sure you include this in your ab work routine to get a toned tummy all-around.

4) Boat Pose

A favourite yoga pose that works the abs, this workout will definitely test the strength of your tummy. According to Parenting, this exercise is also great for new mommies looking to get back into shape and yogis swear by this move to get a trim and toned tummy!

5) Mobility Plank 

Last but not least, the Mobility Plank! We’ve already introduced a plank movement, but planks are so great because they’re versatile. The fifth workout on this page literally sculpts your abs…your arms…AND your buttocks! How’s that for killing three birds with one stone? With this exercise, your toned tummy won’t be so lonely; not with those awesome arms and a bootylicious bum by its side!

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