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5 Dating Tips For Workaholics

You’re on your 15th date with the person you’ve been trying to get with for months and while they’ve been charming you over with their personality, your mind is once again pondering over that looming work deadline and whether your colleague’s replied back to your email. Suddenly, you find yourself whipping out your phone to check said email and your date calls you out on it for the last time and finally leaves. What’s a lovesick workaholic to do? Well, see below for a few good dating tips for workaholics like yourself.

Turn Your Phone On Silent

Nothing screams inconsiderate like a person who’s constantly on their phone during a date.  There’s no way a person can get to know who you are if your nose is always in your smartphone working. Turn your phone on silent and you won’t be super tempted to check your phone every time something new comes in.

Schedule Dates On Less Busier Days

If your field of work is really that demanding, try to schedule dates on days you know aren’t super busy and that way you’ll be less likely to be dating and working at the same time. Less busy work days give you less stress about work and in return, you’ll reap more benefits from dating the person, not your work.

Take A Vacation Once In A While

Taking a vacation can truly change your perspective on your work and social life. The more vacations, no matter how short or long, you take, the more you realize how important it is to foster your relationships with others as well. Trust us, your workplace will do just fine if you take a day or two off to be with your loved one. Your date will certainly appreciate that you took the time off.

Be More Efficient During Work Hours

One of the reasons you may be working beyond work hours is because your efficiency isn’t meeting standards. If you focus on working your butt off and giving it a 100% during work hours, you may find yourself with less homework and more time to focus on your lovely date!

Consider Hiring A Personal Assistant

Depending on your field and level of workload, you may be meet the criteria to hire an assistant. You shouldn’t necessarily dump all the workload on them, but assign them tasks and chores that would otherwise fill up your schedule, so you can dedicate more to finishing bigger projects, as well as dedicate more time to perfect your dating technique.

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