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5 Dating Games You Should Stop Playing

By August 4, 2015Dating Tips

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5. Playing Hard To Get

Dating games such as “playing hard to get” is outdated, boring, and sometimes even downright frustrating for the pursuer. This is a game you should stop playing well into your 20s because nobody’s got the time to be chasing someone around with all the responsibilities that come with adulthood! We’re not saying be easy, but be more straightforward and bold with your dating choices. If you like someone, why not go for it and ask them out on a date instead of waiting around for them to pursue you?

4. Waiting To Return A Call/Text

With cellphones becoming an extended portion of our hands, there’s no reason why it should take us three or four hours to respond to a text or call just because you don’t want them to think you’re super eager. Chances are, they won’t mind if you’re the type to text back or return a call within a reasonable amount of time. Leaving someone hanging is not a sure fire way to win their hearts and it’s an unreasonable dating game to play.

3. Sneaking Around

Sneaking behind your partner’s back and two-timing is a dating game that shouldn’t even exist! First of all, it’s disrespectful and second of all, with many of our lives plastered on social media, you have a higher likelihood of getting caught. Save yourself the drama and if you want to date someone else, just be upfront with your partner about it. Don’t drag them into the dating game that nobody wants to play.

2. Playing The Private Investigator

Just because many of us document our lives on different social media platforms doesn’t mean we can snoop around in our partners’ private messages! This dating game can only lead to distrust, especially if your partner is not guilty of doing anything wrong. Save yourself from breaking their trust and don’t play the private investigator. If you truly feel that something fishy is amok, have a mature discussion regarding the suspicion. They’ll respect you more if you handle these topics with maturity.

1. Letting Someone Down With False Hope

This last dating game you should never play is one that’s been around for ages: letting down someone with false hope. If you decide to break up with someone and give them hope that you’ll come back (but you really won’t), stop that right now. You’ll be wasting their time and emotional energy if you were to fuse false hope with their misery. Always be sure to state whether you’re done for good or if you really just need a time out from the relationship.

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