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5 Dating Expectations That Are Absolutely Necessary

By July 21, 2015Uncategorized


Dating’s hard; there are no other concepts that has as many rules as the world of dating. However, no matter how deep you get into the game, here are a list of dating expectations that are necessary in any successful dating endeavours!

Offer To Pay For Half The Date

It should be common courtesy that you offer to pay for half the date and vice versa. Sure it’s nice once in a while if you get splurged on, but in the end, offering to pay for half the date is a dating expectation you should look out for. That shows that the other person values your time and sees you as their equal, rather than someone who can financially support them.

Wait For Their Consent Before Becoming Physically Intimate

This should always be a dating expectation in new relationships; if your partner keeps pressuring you to go to the next level and that makes you uncomfortable; it’s time to say goodbye and move on! No partner should ever guilt trip someone into sleeping with them, it’s downright disrespectful.

Respect Each Other Enough To Put Down Your Phones While On A Date

In our modern world of technology, some people claim that their phones have become an extension of who they are. Whether they’re mindlessly catching up on Facebook status updates or taking the latest quiz on Buzzfeed, being on your phone can prevent you and your partner from truly connecting. Think of it this way: if technology were to disappear the next day, is it safe for you to say that you and your partner would survive each other’s company? Get to know the real person without the phone and this dating expectation should show you if the two of you are meant for each other… without the help of technology!

Disclose Whether The Two Of You Are Seeing Other People

It’s always a great dating expectation if the two of you discuss whether you’re dating other people or not. It gives both parties the chance to lay down everything on the table and can open up the discussion if you two want to stay exclusive or just date for fun.

Skip the awkwardness and lay it all out!

Stop Expecting Their Gestures To Be Grandeur

There are times when we hear stories of grand romantic gestures and wonder why we never get showered with that kind of affection. Stop it with this dating expectation! Not many partners are comfortable with being so vulnerable and out there, and there are other simpler ways to show someone how much you mean to them. A simple “Good morning! Have a great day and can’t wait to see you later!” text can speak so much volumes on how much you mean to one person!

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