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5 Dating Deal Breakers That Aren’t Actually Deal Breakers

By April 22, 2015Dating Tips

Whether it’s a pet peeve that you can’t get over or just a weird rule you’ve made about not dating short men, everyone has got a list of dating deal breakers! But when’s the last time you updated those rules? We’re clearing up what really counts as a deal breaker once and for all.

1. A Short Guy

You might not be the type to go for a guy that’s shorter than you, but before you rule him out completely keep this in mind: you’ll look like a long-legged, supermodel when you walk next to him no matter where you go, and is that ever a bad thing?

2. Lives with Roomies

No, he can’t afford his own place…yet! It’s actually totally common these days for people in their late twenties and early thirties to still be living with roommates, so before you go claiming that he doesn’t have his life together, check the economy. Between low salaries and huge rental costs, roomies end up being a legit option when it comes to affordable living arrangements. We say hold off on this one being a dating deal breaker!

3. She’s Still in School

Often noted as one of the biggest dating deal breakers for older guys, a lady that’s still living a student life doesn’t have to signal trouble. It’s no secret that dating a student has its challenges (namely budget differences and schedule compromises), but nothing worth having is ever easy. Plus, smart chicks are sexy.

4. Long Distance

Everyone’s heard long distance relationship horror stories, but slow down before you go checking this off as a total dating deal breaker. There are tons of examples of couples who made their long distance thing work, and even found that the space between them brought their relationship to a whole new level. Modern tech makes distance dating easy, and being far apart from the one you love really does make the heart grow fonder. Seriously.

5. He’s a Mama’s Boy

Mama’s boys usually send us all running for the hills (does anyone want to deal with that weirdness?), but not all are created equal. Figure out what level of “mama’s boy” you’re dealing with before you completely avoid dating him – are they just super close or full-blown dependent on one another? The answer to that question holds the dating deal breaker key!

It’s cool to be choosey when it comes to a potential partner (it’s important to know what you want and what you don’t), but some deal breakers are unnecessary. Refresh that old dating deal breaker list and stop missing out on great people!

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